About UnFollo.com
We can't leak your data if we don't collect it to begin with!

We Believe That Privacy and Freedom of Speech is a Fundamental Human Right

I was tired of seeing all the news about how social media giants were harvesting our data, leaking it recklessly, and using our information to play into our psyche to buy things and click on ads. It's simple. I don't like that and want the internet to have places where people can socialize without being tracked, harvested and analyzed like some sort of lab rat where a profile is created of your buying, spending and basically every habit you have for their financial gain. My mission is to build this site into a sort of "safe haven" from these practices and create a network that truly respects your privacy and not just says it because of some negative press. Additionally, social media giants have recently been deleting users content in what is a seemingly arbitrary fashion and that is unacceptable. Censorship will have no place here as long as the guidelines of the TOS are followed.

-Spencer Patterson

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