So I have a very serious question for the entire UnFollo diaspora.

I want to preface by saying I am a Rev 4 refugee. I was there when it self-immolated. I know the score.

I just went to try and boost one of my posts just now out of curiosity, and I was redirected to a page with pricing for being a PRO member. Now, I fully understand the need for a business model, but...

I can tell you with total confidence that this site will die the second it gets popular under this model. UnFollo is going to be flooded with advertisers the second it gets enough unique clicks to matter. Story as old as the internet.

And users aren't going to stay if they realize that hiding posts they don't like that are promoted means that post goes right back to the top of their feed the second they refresh the page.

Right now, UnFollo seems like a love letter to viral corporate marketing. If that's what the creators intended, good for them - they achieved it right out of the box.

But your userbase will never get off the ground this way. And the Corporate sponsors will bail as soon as they show up. So help us understand why we should continue to invest in a site that already appears to be serving up users to the largest dollar in play.

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